Let us consider a typical configuration.



16 camera system

6 outdoor cameras monitoring the gas station or your permises

10 indoor cameras monitoring the store, back office and storage areas

3 months’cristal clear recording space on hard drive

Equipment required:

DVR-200/16 … $2206.00

Capable of recording 60 frames-per-second from a maximum of 16 cameras

1000 GB hard drive space

19-inch Lcd Flat Panel monitor

Internet ready; TCP/IP

DVD Writer for backups

Remote viewing software

PV-CC-27 Digital Color CCD Camera with 470 TV lines, 1/3” Sony CCD, 0.3 lux low light capability, 3.5-10.5mm lens and Manual Iris <Explanation: Manual Iris is suitable for situations where light conditions are more or less fixed, such as in a window-less office> … 2 units @ $208.00 = $416.00

PV-CC-27 Digital Color CCD Camera with 470 TV lines, 1/3” Sony CCD, 0.3 lux low light capability, 3.5-10.5mm lens and Auto Iris <Explanation: Auto Iris is required when light conditions will vary from time to time; e.g., in most areas that are exposed to daylight> … 11 units (7 indoor + 4 outdoor) @ $238.00 = $1666.00

Mintron Model 84KDN Digital Color Dome Camera with 470 TV lines, 1/4” Panasonic CCD, 0.5 lux low light capability, 3.8mm lens and Fixed Iris <Explanation: Dome cameras are the least expensive kind and are well suited for indoor areas where light conditions are stable, such as a window-less backoffice> … 1 unit @ $124.00 = $124.00

Outdoor camera housing with cooling system for desert conditions … 4 units @ $40.00 = $160.00

Siamese Cable … 1000 feet = $228.00

Transformer for converting AC-to-DC (12v for indoor cameras; 24v for outdoor cameras) … 1 unit @ $100.00 = $100.00

Installation = $800.00

Total Installed Cost = $5700.00  for 16 ch camera system

Total Cost for 4 ch Camera system is $2200

Total Cost for 8 ch camera system is $3000

Total cost for 12ch Camera system is $4200

All of Our System Comes With 12 Month Warrenty on Eqipment and installation 

DVR prices do not vary exponentially, and are usually between $2000.00 to $5000.00 range.

The cost of hard drive space is about $1.70 per day of recording on a 30 fps system and $3.40 per day on a 60 fps system. This is just a thumb-rule. So, if you wanted to provide for enough space on a 30 fps system for recording a whole year’s worth of recording, your cost would be $620.00.

On a RAID-based system that provides a fail-safe situation for your data, your cost would increase depending on the RAID level. At RAID Level 5 (which is the safest), your cost would be $8.50 per day of recording (that is, 5 times that of simple hard drive space).  

The greatest price variation occurs in the cameras. Depending on the make and other parameters, prices can range from a low $500.00 to $2,000.00 for hi-resolution pan-zoom-tilt (PZT) cameras that can be controlled remotely over the Internet or from a Control Room elsewhere on the premises.

Please call your nearest SHIV CAMERA SYSTEM office and ask for a Product Specialist to obtain a quote on the system that is right for you. Or simply dial 1(877)933-CCTV(2288)